An Appeal to anyone that may be supporting her or helping her hide from the FBI

It is only natural to try and protect someone who is claiming to have been abused it is a just cause if true. Jennifer may claim and it may be true that, 2  Court-Appointed Guardians, 3 Therapist, 1 Psychologist and several judges have all either been hoodwinked by me or are conspiring for some reason to remove McKenna from a “devoted” Mother and place her in the hands of a dangerous and complete stranger. But is that likely ?

Over the years of this court action I have encountered a lot of people that tried to warn me with a similar story: “You maybe right but courts always side with the mother and unless the Mother is drug abuser or pimp. You have little  chance of winning.”

Well they all looked at the evidence – they came up with various ways to ease McKenna’s transition to getting to know me and all efforts were frustrated by her Mother who was determined to keep sole possession and absolute control of McKenna irrespective of whether this was in McKenna’s best interests. The court finally saw what was happening and ordered the removal of McKenna from her Mother and gave me sole physical and legal custody. What her mother has been engaged in is that serious!

So – going back to anyone who thinks they are supporting a just cause; don’t you think it is bizarre that the courts and professionals involved who got to know me and Jennifer finally decided that McKenna’s best interests would be served by removing McKenna from the only person that she has known ( been allowed to know) all her life ?

Everyone who has looked at the evidence from BOTH SIDES have come to the very opposite conclusion. This is not Just. McKenna has been and continues to be the victim of Psychological child abuse. She has learned to hate me her father for no cause – alienating parents cause long term damage to their children which lasts long into adulthood – google the symptoms – its not something you’d wish on anyone.

There has certainly been some hoodwinking involved and continues to be.

Proverbs 18 v17 The first to state his case seems right until another comes and cross examines him.

If you know where they are or may have any information of where they are then ask yourself if this good for McKenna ? She has been kidnapped by her own mother who is now on the FBI’s Most Wanted list and is being damaged by having the experience of a life on the run from duly ordained authorities.
If you think this is not so bad and could be worse then ask yourself – other than Jennifer’s claims – is there anyone else who knows me who believes that what she says is true – have you bothered to find out from me if her claims are  true – If you have any questions then there is a comments section and I would be happy to reply?

If you would rather not know the truth but prefer to hold on to what I claim are lies then I guess you will have to live with the thought that you were in a position to help McKenna and you didn’t. McKenna, does not know it but she needs you to do the right thing. She has a stable home to come to, a small private school prepared to help out in the adjustment period and a devoted Father that she has never been allowed to know.

To end this post Some notes I made :

Total attorneys she had is 3 , my total is one.

She has had 3 husbands including one common law husband, my total is one ( Wife – obviously – though not so obvious these days).
All therapists, and the psychologist and each judge that examined  the situation all concluded that McKenna’s mother was the sole source of the reason why McKenna had been deprived of having a relationship with her Father.
Her accusations against me I would obviously refute and no-one came forward to substantiate any of her claims. The professional counsellors who had contact with me expressed no reservations about my character or motives
I am supposed to have shown no interest in my daughter but was sending money for approximately 5 years (supposedly to cover debt payments that she either reneged on or used her parents money to pay off which left me only enough money to feed myself and to live in a single room accomodation and not enough to fight any kind of court battle).
Eventually she divorced me. I did then manage to get a better job. I don’t know how much this legal action has cost me but I’m guessing over 50K – which resulted in me still having no relationship with my daughter outside a therapeutic setting and me paying child support. ( No child support was sought prior to my action as this would have given me some kind of rights over my daughter.) Contrary to her claims no-one has given me any money in support of my action and none was sought.


Michael G Butcher

3 thoughts on “An Appeal to anyone that may be supporting her or helping her hide from the FBI”

  1. Mike,

    You are a good man, and I hope you will soon be able to demonstrate to the world that you are a good father. Because I also know Jennifer very well, I am sorry you have been intentionally alienated from your daughter for nearly all of her life. Her outright lies and innuendo about you (and other of us family members) are truly sad.

    I hope you are able to keep your strength up through these difficult times. I especially hope that you can ignore the COWARDLY PAGANS who do not know you but feel it’s appropriate to anonymously threaten you. For Jennifer, these people are useful idiots, unwilling to ever let facts get in the way of what they know.

    Take care, Edward

  2. I saw the recent AMW episode and it left me wondering why you would ever seek complete custody, without any visitations for the mother and daughter? Who paid the various quasi-judicial Guardians and therapists? There is a lot of corruption in the billion dollar divorce industry, particularly with Guardian ad Litem(s). Did you split the cost of having been assigned a Guardian?

    1. Good morning Meghan,

      Thank you for asking and allowing me to explain the situation. I had to pay for the most of the guardian expenses and McKenna’s Mother had to pay the rest – without looking them up I think it was split 70%/30%. I can look it up and send proof if you want it. I had to pay all the Unification Therapist’s expenses and Jennifer was allowed an additional therapist for McKenna that I paid 70% towards.- I believe we had 22 sessions over a roughly three to four year period and I had to fully pay for two Psychological evaluations – one involving myself and Jennifer and the last one for McKenna. I estimate the whole legal proceedings cost me around $70K. When I originally started my application about 6 years ago (was able to afford the legal costs) to seek for normal visitation, Jennifer and McKenna went missing. This meant that she couldn’t be served with papers. In these circumstances applying for normal visitation is not possible for obvious reasons. The only option open to me was to apply for custody, I had to serve the Papers by publication, pay for a Private Detective to try and find them and satisfy the Court’s requirements that I had done everything I reasonably could to locate them. I believe she knew about the pending court action as she turned up a few days before the court date. She succeeded in delaying things for 6 months and added to the legal expense.
      My Court application then reverted to obtaining normal visitation. Over the next 4 years and 10 court cases to evaluate progress – reunification was attempted but it eventually became obvious to everyone involved – the Therapists and Psychologist – that Jennifer was undermining the efforts. A detailed plan of action to reverse the damage that was being done to McKenna during this time was put forward and it stipulated that Jennifer had to fully participate or the Court should consider a change in custody. To cut a long story short – Jennifer continued to what she had been doing – undermining the whole process and the court lost patience with her and was very concerned about the psychological damage being done to McKenna. At that point the Court gave me a week to arrange a school, Doctor, Dentist etc. and was going to give me full custody with Jennifer having visiting rights. At that point she went on the run. No-one involved in the case underestimated the gravity of changing custody I can assure you – the people involved did not want this to have to happen and they did everything possible to get Jennifer to cooperate – but they have seen the effects of this alienating abuse ( yes – it is abuse) on children and it damages them for life if they are not -at least -temporarily removed from the abusing parent.

      I can support what I have said above and elaborate if you wish. Again, thank you for your interest and I’ll attempt to answer any further questions if you have any. Mike Butcher

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