McKenna Needs Help Please take time to listen to someone who has gone through a similar experience to what she is going through now

Child of Parental Alienation Speaks Out for First Time Ryan Thomas Speaks

Recent posts have distracted anyone concerned here with the real victim here: McKenna.

Some of you take Her Mother’s side, others my side – who is ultimately to blame can be left for later but right now – Mckenna is suffering real damage.

Ryan Thomas went through the experience – obviously there are differences – he had the benefit of a relationship with his father before he was isolated from him but anyone with any sense can see what is really going on here.

Hopefully you will go beyond his introduction and look at the many other material available that speaks to this abuse.

Mike Butcher

A Response From “Eddie Settle” McKenna’s Uncle

This is a brief response from Jennifer’s Brother to Mr D.B. Cooper:

Dear “Mr. Cooper”,  Please don’t bother to read the court documentation for yourself, don’t pay attention to the multiple experts who weighed in on this, don’t review the bank statements that show Jennifer was bleeding our parents dry for years (I have copies of many cancelled checks from my parents as Jennifer refused to find meaningful employment).  Don’t do your research to find out Jennifer alienated our parents after they had dementia and began transferring their property over to her name.  Such behavior is textbook financial abuse of the elderly, and sadly it happens all across the US every day.

As for me, since college graduation in 1988, I have never taken one dime from my parents.  I paid myself for another engineering degree and an MBA.  I have maintained a high-paying job for over 30 years, but Jennifer chose to take money from our parents rather than get a job.  I am highly respected by the US Department of the Treasury and Department of Justice as I have served them for years, and that should demonstrate my credibility.

But let’s not allow facts to interrupt your train of thought.  Drink that Kool-Aid you’ve been given.  You are gullible, you are ignorant of the circumstances, you are wrong, and rather than dig into the facts and inform yourself, it must be easier for you to remain misinformed.

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  1. I’ve obviously got to address this but I’ve a feeling that facts may get in the way of D.B. Coopers’ narrative. Please be patient as I will have to dig out the material in my support. It would be really useful to me if I had an email from McKenna’s Mother ( Jennifer ) – for example – threatening me with legal action if I contacted her parent’s friends while trying to get some – any- information about my only child who had been effectively abducted from me ?

    Oh wait – I remember now ! I do have one such email – I almost forgot. Sadly its probably not going to be any use as it seems to paint a different picture of Jennifer than the one she portrayed about herself and the one her supporters wish to believe.

One thought on “McKenna Butcher”

This was actually submitted as a Comment – but I’ve turned it into a New Post. MGB

  1. “I was eventually able to get the resources….”

    You knew she was in Greenville living near her parents for YEARS and you had little contact and suddenly Eddie Settle needed a narrative to take down his sister. Nice “resources”. You are a dumb pawn in Eddie’s sick game. Eddie’s parents are now destitute and living basically as wards of the state after he blew through all their money destroying them and Jennifer.


I have been accused by more than one of you of calling Jennifer a “Kidnapper” and lying that she’s on the “FBI’s Most Wanted List” when she is neither. Please click on the link above and address all future complaints and suggested description-changes to the FBI rather than sending me more Hate Mail. N.B.- I never said she was on the “Top 10” Most Wanted so if you wish to re-mail me and mark it as: “Hate-Mail-Correction” and include a stamped addressed return envelope, I’ll acknowledge it and all will be forgiven.

However – I won’t hold my breath or hang around waiting for the Mailman.




It is truly sad that you people who were and are  in a position to help my daughter McKenna, did no investigations of her Mother’s claims but continued to take them at face value from a single source or from people who also only had that same single source, namely Jennifer Settle.

Shame on You !

Only one of you attempted to contact me, I remain guilty until I prove my innocence. “Believe all Women,” we know how that one goes.

You made no attempt to contact Jennifer’s brother or sister for their opinion either  – once again you swallowed hook, line and sinker her claims against them too, she conveniently got them out of the way as a source for an alternative version of events. In their court battle that mirrored mine, to get visiting rights to their own aged parents (Jennifer’s modus operandi is to isolate people to keep absolute control over them  and stifle any alternative narratives), the Probate Court came to the same conclusions about Jennifer as the Family Court later did: Jennifer is not a fit person to look after the best interests of her parents and later, even of her own Child.

But let me guess your reaction:  The courts didn’t have the advantage that you have of only hearing Jennifer’s version of events, what do the courts know – equipped with the facts and armed with testimony from all sides they are bound to be mislead and confused?  It would be better if they had not been saddled with the burden of evidence provided by all parties.

Right !  Life’s so much simpler that way.

Previously, I had some sympathy with your position, I always viewed you as culpable as I understood that no one would ever want a child to be in the hands of the Monster Jennifer made me out to be. Now though, if you don’t reassess your position in the light of the conclusions of professionals  who were not partisan and who investigated Jennifer and I thoroughly, I hold you  guilty of  a crime against McKenna’s Maker,  against McKenna herself and last of all- me. You no longer have any excuse, you have a responsibility to LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE and not just to take Jennifer’s claims to be true. I too have the same Maker and I will appeal to HIm for justice for McKenna if you continue in your defiance of His duly ordained authorities.

Court documents are available, you can reach out to any of the many professionals involved over that 4 year period to get their opinions of whether Jennifer’s stories are likely true based on their knowledge after meeting and interacting with both me and Jennifer. Something that you have never done.  If you are not cowards then even now you can reach out directly and I can give you answers to the claims made against me. I will tell you – they  are mostly outright lies or a gross distortion of the truth but if you wish,  I can also address them individually in detail.

If you continue to feel justified because McKenna wants nothing to do with me then think again. Start researching or looking at material dealing with Parental Alienation. I’d never heard of it either until the Judge mentioned it at the first court hearing over 4 years ago. It is truly HORRIBLE in its short and long term consequences. Its Child abuse with a smile and a hug. Its sole purpose is to pour out hatred and inflict damage on the alienated parent with no regard to the destruction it wreaks on the child in the process.  McKenna had no chance.  Even now she is no doubt learning a whole range of skills: learning to defy authorities, the law of the land, how to lie to adults, ( with her Mothers encouragement she already demonstrated that with her Guardian on multiple occasions)  and  how to evade police. Great education for her adult life.  In short, she continues to be  brainwashed and corrupted by the person that should be looking out for her best interests.

In contrast, myself – her “Monster” Father, has a small private school arranged and the staff appraised of the situation and eager to help, a host of people in my church lined up and prepared to live with me for a period of adjustment and to make her feel secure, children of her own age to mix with and a place to call home, fixed and permanent.  The sooner the present debacle is ended then McKenna’s healing can begin and after a period removed from her destructive mother who will hopefully be willing to seek professional help, she can start to be reintroduced and form a more healthy and constructive relationship. If you are aiding in her abduction you have no love or compassion for McKenna no matter how good you feel about your actions. You are guilty of enabling  and prolonging the abuse that continues to this day. You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself.

If you detect anger,  I marvel at your perceptiveness – what loving father would not be angry at willing bystanders or willing accomplices to his own daughter’s abuse ?  You are in a position to help her but instead hold Jennifer’s coat or provide her with the support to continue the abuse. How utterly despicable !

I ask you now to repent. If you can aid the authorities then call them now, there is always forgiveness no matter how heinous your crime.

Bob Hamod is the FBI Agent in charge of the investigation and you can call him directly on his cell phone anytime on 8 six 4  35 zero 4 four 40.

At least one of you, a previous contributor to Jennifer’s legal fund did the right, though difficult thing. That person reached out to me, studied the evidence and  Shock, Horror – came to the same conclusion as the courts did. I’m sure it was not a very comfortable experience .  I have since been apologised to by that person and I have accepted the apology.

McKenna is in the hands of a Narcissistic Mother who has manipulated her her entire life  and she has recruited you people to help her in her very warped cause. Based on her past behaviour, you will be dumped when you are of no further use but by then, further damaged will have been inflicted on my daughter and you could have prevented it.

Help end this grotesque situation, you no longer have any reasonable excuse not to. Get hold of and read the court documents and all the supporting evidence that comes with them if you need convincing.  If you continue to ignore the Court’s conclusions, the Therapists’ conclusions, the Psychologist’s conclusions, her Guardians’ conclusions then I regard you as complicit in the abuse that McKenna is now suffering at the hands of her Mother. As much as my situation is tragic, I wouldn’t swap my  position for yours for all the world.

Michael Butcher the father McKenna has never been allowed to know.