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  1. Mr. Butcher,
    Despite your daughter’s & your circumstances, I hope my note finds you as well as you can be. I’m Tiffany, 38 & a mother being alienated from an 11 year old daughter, just on a much smaller scale. If you would not mind, I would love the honor of communicating with you via e-mail or if you felt comfortable, on the telephone or through text messages. If there is a way you would not mind me contacting you without you releasing your email address to the world, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I absolutely would love to chat with you. I decided to start studying Family Law + Cognitive Psychology because of how my daughter’s life was turned upside down without her father allowing her a vote or say in the matter. given .
    Tiffany S.

    1. Sure Tiffany – sorry to hear about your Daughter. I sent contact details to your Att.net address.

      Mike Butcher

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