McKenna Butcher

McKenna is my daughter and was effectively abducted by her mother ( Jennifer Settle)  when she was only 8 months old. She was brought up to believe her name was McKenna Settle and knew nothing of myself – her father Michael  Butcher.

I eventually was able to get the resources to locate them and fight for visitation through the courts in Greenville South Carolina but her Mother very effectively continued her alienating behaviour and, despite the best efforts of all the therapists that were tasked with reunification, all efforts failed. This court action and therapy lasted over 4 years until the Court ran out of patience with her Mother –  Jennifer Lea Settle and eventually awarded me full legal and physical custody for the good of Mckenna.


Sadly – her Mother once again abducted her and their whereabouts are presently unknown. She has a group of friends that are maybe sheltering her believing they are doing the right thing. They have never made contact with me through the years and are unaware that what they believe is far from the truth.


If you have any information then please contact me or call the police as there is an arrest warrant out for her Mother.


Thank you.


Michael G Butcher

2 thoughts on “McKenna Butcher”

  1. “I was eventually able to get the resources….”

    You knew she was in Greenville living near her parents for YEARS and you had little contact and suddenly Eddie Settle needed a narrative to take down his sister. Nice “resources”. You are a dumb pawn in Eddie’s sick game. Eddie’s parents are now destitute and living basically as wards of the state after he blew through all their money destroying them and Jennifer.

    1. I will of course respond to this post in due course though presenting facts is probably going to be futile I suspect.

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