Possible Sightings Updated

The Greenville Sheriff’s Office received news that they may have crossed over the Mexican border – I’m trying to get confirmation of this but nothing so far – I’ll update this page when more information comes in.



The FBI could not find the source of this Mexican report and they have concluded that it was mistaken. They believe that she is being hidden  by friends in the US. I have received a report of a possible sighting but until the FBI have followed up on it I will not detail it

2 thoughts on “Possible Sightings Updated”

  1. Dear Mike,

    As McKenna’s uncle and Jennifer’s brother, I am embarrassed and upset with the way you have been treated. It’s the same pattern of alienation that Jennifer followed when she abducted our parents with dementia. She changed the will and began transferring their assets to her name and spending their money on herself. She fools people into believing she is a victim, but truthfully, she is a sick, manipulative person to conduct herself this way and to brainwash my niece against you and our family. I hope they find her soon – for your sake and McKenna’s.

    ~ Edward

    1. Thanks Edward, its very sad that it has turned out this way but thanks for your moral support over the last few years.


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