One thought on “McKenna Butcher”

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  1. “I was eventually able to get the resources….”

    You knew she was in Greenville living near her parents for YEARS and you had little contact and suddenly Eddie Settle needed a narrative to take down his sister. Nice “resources”. You are a dumb pawn in Eddie’s sick game. Eddie’s parents are now destitute and living basically as wards of the state after he blew through all their money destroying them and Jennifer.

One thought on “One thought on “McKenna Butcher””

  1. I’ve obviously got to address this but I’ve a feeling that facts may get in the way of D.B. Coopers narrative. Please be patient as I will have to dig out the material in my support. It would be really useful to me if I had an email from McKenna’s Mother ( Jennifer ) – for example – threatening me with legal action if I contacted her or her parent’s friends while trying to get some – any- information about my only child who had been effectively abducted from me ?

    Oh wait – I remember now ! I do have one such email – I almost forgot. Sadly its probably not going to be any use as it seems to paint a different picture of Jennifer than the one she portrayed about herself and the one her supporters wish to believe.

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